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Make:it Robotics Download Files

Hello Everyone,

Lots of viewers have been asking me to send them the Radio Shack Make:it Files. (click above link to see more)

Looks like Radio Shack, in their downsizing efforts have decided to stop supporting the Make:it Robots Kits.

Once of my followers happened to find a GitHub site that Radio Shack created, that contains all of the supported files for the Robotics Kits.

So I am re-posting the link here for everyone’s enjoyment.


If you have never used GitHub before, you can either install GitHub, (which I do not recommend) or just click on the Download ZIP link on the right side of the GitHub web page.



7 thoughts on “Make:it Robotics Download Files

  1. For the line.follow. ino file I keep on receiving several errors
    for the code it starts in the beginning ” MakeItRobotics line_following // declare object
    it also gives me an error on line_following.line_following_setup(); //initialize the status of line following robot
    I Want to see if you can give me a hand on why this is happening ? Thanks

  2. How do I get the files from my computer to the Robot? I plug in the USB port but I don’t see the robot on my computer.
    I’m very confused, sorry. Any help would be appreciated.

  3. We have built the follow the line MakeIt Robotics robot. We have downloaded Arduino and downloaded linefollow.ino from the link above. When we open the linefollow.ino and then verify it gives an error message. There appear to be several stray ‘\’ errors plus others. Am I missing something or is there a corrected ino file?

    1. Hello Jeff,

      The files you downloaded need to be placed in the Arduino Libraries folder. UnZip the files and copy the MakeitRobotics folder to the Arduino/Libraries folder.

      Restart your Arduino IDE, load the line following project and then you should be able to compile without errors.

      For example on my computer my files are in the following location:




  4. Where are the downloadable programming files for the Make It Robotics starter kit for the bulldozer? Thank you for your assistance.

    1. Hello William,

      The second most recent post on my blog contains a link to a github site where you can download the files. Also included are instructions on
      how to install these files.



  5. The Bulldozer is a Robotics Add-On Project Kit 1. We looked at the github link and tried to download the MakeIt Starter Kits, but we did not see anything there for the Add-On Project Kits. Had I known that the Radio Shack packaging was not complete and lacking in information regarding what is needed and the lack of available support, I would not have purchased this project or the Add-On.

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