Busy, but I will start posting soon

Sorry, I have been tied up since last September taking classes at UCSD Extension so I can earn a Certificate in C/C++.  Too busy to work on any projects. I did change jobs recently.  I am currently doing some consulting at Qualcomm here in San Diego working on developing some GUI automation on an application that tests ARM chip debug sub-systems.  I am making an all out effort to get up to speed on embedded systems.  With all of the connected devices, mobile devices,  and ARM processors invading our universe it is just a matter of time before all of the…
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Latest Cool Stuff

Most of my day I spend my time writing C# and SQL code.  Since I do a lot of database data manipulation I am always running into issues with column length of data, when importing data from .csv files into database tables.  I started playing around with Python for some projects I have been working on at home. I have found Python, extremely useful and easy to use.  I have not had a chance to use an interpretive language in many years. So I decided to write a simple Python script to check the max length of data, in a particular column,  in a…
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Consulting at Sony Electronics

A few months ago I started a new consulting project.  I am working at Sony Electronics in the VAIO mobile of America group.  I was brought in to setup unit testing and white box test strategies.  But I am currently doing some ASP.NET development. We plan on re-designing a customer survey web site using ASP.NET MVC.  So I am getting up to speed on ASP.NET MVC and starting to work on design.

Publishing Articles

I have been busy learning Linq to SQL and Writing articles about my data layer ventures. Here are some links to my articles: Article about creating data layers for ado.net Optimize your Data Layer for quicker Code Development Article about Linq to SQL Performance Considerations Part 1 Linq to SQL Performance Considerations Part 1 Article about Linq to SQL Performance Consideratiions Part 2 Linq to SQL Performance Considerations Part 2