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Most of my day I spend my time writing C# and SQL code.  Since I do a lot of database data manipulation I am always running into issues with column length of data, when importing data from .csv files into database tables.  I started playing around with Python for some projects I have been working on at home. I have found Python, extremely useful and easy to use.  I have not had a chance to use an interpretive language in many years. So I decided to write a simple Python script to check the max length of data, in a particular column,  in a…
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Consulting at Sony Electronics

A few months ago I started a new consulting project.  I am working at Sony Electronics in the VAIO mobile of America group.  I was brought in to setup unit testing and white box test strategies.  But I am currently doing some ASP.NET development. We plan on re-designing a customer survey web site using ASP.NET MVC.  So I am getting up to speed on ASP.NET MVC and starting to work on design.

Publishing Articles

I have been busy learning Linq to SQL and Writing articles about my data layer ventures. Here are some links to my articles: Article about creating data layers for Optimize your Data Layer for quicker Code Development Article about Linq to SQL Performance Considerations Part 1 Linq to SQL Performance Considerations Part 1 Article about Linq to SQL Performance Consideratiions Part 2 Linq to SQL Performance Considerations Part 2

SQL Group by Date Range

I recently solved an interesting problem.  SQL Server datetime column treats a calendar day as being from 12:00 am to 12:00 pm.  Where I work we run production from 03:00 am one day to 03:00 am the next day. We recently needed to add data to our web site that reports daily production totals for the last seven days. After doing some testing I realized that grouping by date was not going to work for two reasons.  Finished products are scanned out anytime during either of our two shifts,  Using a group by date would create individual rows every time…
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C# params keywork in datalayer

I have been having to access a lot of stored procedures recently and decided it was time to optimize my datalayer class.  I wanted to be able to call just about any stored procedure, that returns a data set, regardless of how many parameters the stored procedure requires. I wrote the following method using the params keyword.  This worked so well that I think I will use this format for update, insert (ExecuteNonQuery methods) and ExecuteScalar methods. public bool GetLookUpData(string storedProc, string spParms, ref SqlDataReader rdr, params string[] strParms) { string[] Parms = spParms.Split(‘,’); StringBuilder sqlErr = new StringBuilder(); try…
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Current Consulting Project

I am currently consulting for Denso Wireless writing manufacturing traceability systems in C# and Denso Wireless manufactures navigation systems for some of the major automotive manufactures. The manufacturing systems that I develop interface directly to assembly line hardware that in real time collects manufacturing metrics and data and stores this data in a SQL Server database instance. The Traceability system also provides engineering and management real time access to the gathered metrics and data from an internationally accessible web site that is developed in

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